Add a second Calendar for "Releases"


9 years ago
9 years ago


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I think this is a good idea and I am sure it will help to keep the calendar events from overflowing when there are 4-5 events per day.

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9 years ago
probably will require an upper level area for "Release" as well. parallel to Events, Projects, etc.

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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> probably will require an upper level area for "Release" as well. parallel to
> Events, Projects, etc.

This might require maybe a lot of architectural changes to qmo2, i will see in q1 that i take a look and get an idea of what work and changes are needed to realize this.
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In the meantime, a few things we should try to do:

1. use abbreviations and try to shorten some of the verbiage
2. find out if there is a way to show something ongoing as a solid line, such as google calendar. AN example would be the ongoing testing for FF 3.1 (instead of having it appear as a daily event)
3. Can the font size be reduced?
4. Can Sundays and Saturdays be removed to give more real estate? Looks as if we cannot go much wider because of the template.

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9 years ago
How would people feel if we just distinguish (label) "Events" vs "Releases" or anything else we want, with a different color?   Jay mentioned drupal can allow you to even filter out which calendar you want to see.   Kinda like how google calendar does it.

If its simply distinguishing which calender items we are trying to make more visibly clear, this solution sounds way more easier than trying to implement two seperate calendars.  Also reduces more things to see on the page.
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This is doable with views. Tomcat, if you want, Raymond should be able to help. I can too.

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9 years ago
closing as wontfix, we will go with colors (bug 475434) instead of a second calendar. Multiple calendars might be too confusing
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agreed, multiple colors are lot easier on QMO, page loading and workflow.
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