Cannot set email address for some Google calendars



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9 years ago
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I created a second calendar called "Work" in Google calendars. I've added both my primary calendar and this "Work" calendar to lightning with the Google Calendar Provider, and turned on the enableEmailInvitations option so I can accept email invitations.

I can set the email address in the properties for my primary Google calendar, but the properties dialog for the "Work" calendar does not have a field for an email address. Therefore I can only accept invitations into my primary Google calendar, but not the "Work" calendar.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. In Google Calendar, create a new calendar under "My Calendars".
2. In Thunderbird, create a new Network calendar with Format="Google Calendar" and Location=[either XML address of your new Google calendar].
Actual Results:  
The "Create New Calendar" window will show fields for Name, Color, and Alarms, but not E-Mail. The same goes for the Properties/"Edit Calendar" window after you finish creating the calendar. You cannot accept emailed invitations into the new calendar.

Expected Results:  
Should have displayed the E-Mail dropdown. I should also be able to select this calendar when accepting an emailed invitation.
Google only allows invitations for the default calendar, therefore the email address is hidden for all other calendars.

You might be able to get a step further by removing these lines from the provider source code:

But I cannot provide support for this.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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