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10 years ago
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10 years ago
Anyone reaching AMO after reading about an interesting extension in a non-Firefox browser will get the same result as someone using Firefox. You can successfully download an extension from any browser (this part is probably a feature) without any prompting or warning or prodding (this part, not as much a feature).

Also, there is no obvious link to download Firefox itself from either the addon-specific page or the AMO top-level page. The big Firefox logo at the top just goes back to the AMO top page. The shortest path to download the browser is the small "Mozilla" badge at the top left. I'm not sure this is the obvious place to look for someone curious about "Firefox", especially not for someone unfamiliar with either brand (including the Firefox logo).

There's probably a small number of people who hit this, but it seems like some of the big funnel work from the other download pages could apply here for free evangelism.
Not sure what all we're doing as part of the homepage redesign, but Nick could probably elaborate/comment.
We're not going to change the interface drastically.  Anyone attempting to download an add-on (left-click) after 5.3 goes out tomorrow will be greeted with a lightbox which is essentially this bug.  Calling this fixed.
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2 years ago
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