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[mozmill] Add tests for default alarms


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This is the first mozmill test for calendar thats going for the tree. I'd like to get some first tests checked in even though mozmill is not integrated into the build system yet.

This test covers part of up to the point where we test if the event dialog shows the alarms in the dialog when creating a new event.

This test currently fails due to a calendar bug that will be fixed with my alarm bugs. To make this test temporarily succeed, change "task" of "50 days before the task starts" to "event".
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Alarm test - v1

Clint, if you have time for this before Martin does, feel free to review :-)
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I don't feel well by the dependency to bug 457265. We will have a lot of tests which depend on the MozMill build system integration and we cannot add each of those as dependency. I'll remove the dependency for now.
No longer depends on: 457265
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Alarm test - v1

Philipp, this is a very nicely written test.  It looks good to me.  The only nit I have is that it would be good for you to include a comment in the test somewhere that references the Litmus test you are working from.  That way when we add in support for metadata on tests, we can associate this test with the corresponding litmus testcase.
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Alarm test - v1

>+ elementslib.ID(mailController.window.document, "menu_Edit"));
>+ elementslib.ID(mailController.window.document, "menu_preferences"));

We should have a better way to achieve that in one step. The new menuAPI supports ids too now. I wait for an example of Mikeal in bug 473829.
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I'll move to the menu api later on, keeping it this way for now.

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