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"place:" is a valid query to deserialize and should not cause an "ignoring unknown key:" warning


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Seen while looking at bug 370197.

When we have a query where we only defined default values (for example expandQueries = 1 and queryType=QUERY_TYPE_HISTORY) and we serialize it, we end up with a query like "place:".
When we deserialize this query we get a WARNING since we are trying to handle "place:" as a query option... instead we should simply return an array with a new default query in it, since that's a valid case.

i'll add a test for this.
Isn't the test for this covered by adw's work in bug 370197?
could be, but it is not atm, i still have to look at the reason it's not failing, so if that can be fixed there i'll not create a new test, clearly.
mh instead this is currently working, even if the code is wrong, because when we get tokens we wrongly get a wrong token like "place:". Having at least one token we still try to deserialize, but we warn at
because "place:" is not a valid option.

So, the final result is the same, we get a valid default query, but through a wrong path. The test cannot fail due to that, and is indeed correctly testing this.

Moreover i cannot write a test to check an internal method when API is still returning a correct value.
Summary: "place:" shoud be a valid query to deserialize → "place:" is a valid query to deserialize and should not cause an "ignoring unknown key:" warning
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test in bug 370197 is valid to cover deserialization of "place:", the wrong path can't be tested though.
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asking approval, low risk
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