Set up read-only AMO database VIP on ACE load balancer



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(Reporter: mrz, Assigned: oremj)


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10 years ago
I started to play with this config but am punting to dmoore.  

Want to setup a VIP for read-only AMO db.  Need testing/monitoring and maybe webdev help to verify (?).  

dmoore - I suspect you could make the VIP on but I can't figure out how to make VIPs on this thing.

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10 years ago
Marking bug 473084 as a blocker for going live with this (want an HA ACE).
Assignee: server-ops → dmoore
Depends on: 473084
For the record, we'll be duplicating ACLs from the existing NetScaler VIP.
Summary: Setup read-only AMO database VIP on ACE load balancer → Set up read-only AMO database VIP on ACE load balancer

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10 years ago
Needs to include monitoring on status of the backend servers like we do with the Netscaler via SNMP).

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10 years ago
justdave - can you test?

acelb01/db# show service-policy amo-db-vip-policy detail 

Status     : ACTIVE
Description: -
Interface: vlan 70 
  service-policy: amo-db-vip-policy
    class: amo-db-vip
     VIP Address:    Protocol:  Port:      tcp        eq    3306 

acelb01/db# show serverfarm amo-db  
 serverfarm     : amo-db, type: HOST
 total rservers : 3

       real                  weight state        current    total      failures 
   rserver: tm-amo01-master01      8      OPERATIONAL  0          0          0
   rserver: tm-amo01-slave02      8      OPERATIONAL  0          0          0
   rserver: tm-amo01-slave03      8      OPERATIONAL  0          0          0
Assignee: dmoore → justdave
(In reply to comment #4)
> justdave - can you test?

I'm not sure I follow what's going on here...  what needs testing?  Connecting to the VIP and see if I get the right databases?

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10 years ago
More or less - if we change the config to point to this VIP, will things still work?
It doesn't have NAT configured in order to proxy client connections properly, but I'm taking care of that addition now.
The amo-db vip ( is operational and configured for HA. The only remaining addition will be the ACL list currently used by the NetScaler.
Setup on my end is done.  MySQL ACLs are in place to allow the ace's VIP in.  Metrics has been testing it with the AMO stats scripts, and seems to be working okay for them so far as far as I know.
Assignee: justdave → dmoore


10 years ago
Assignee: dmoore → mrz
Flags: needs-downtime+
Whiteboard: 02/19 maint window


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10 years ago
Assignee: mrz → oremj

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10 years ago
Read-only vip moved over to
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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