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preventive maintenance has low possibilites to be run


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actually preventive maintenance is inited by nsIUpdateTimerManager, it looks every 30 minutes for an idle of 10 minutes.

Being inited by nsIUpdateTimerManager the check will run only once a day, if the session in which we check for idle does not lasts for hours, the possibilities it runs are really really low.

I'm not concerned about not running it every day, but current timers probably could cause it to never run for some user (think you every morning open Firefox for half an hour to check your mail, then close it, since the timer has already fired, next sessions won't check anymore).

i was thinking to check every 10 minutes for an idle of 5 minutes, after a run all timers will stop.
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Probably 5 minutes of idle are not enough, so for now i only reduced checks, so check every 10 minutes for an idle of 10 minutes... if the browsing session of the user where the timer fires lasts for at least one hour we will have 5 possibilities to run, against 2 we actually have.
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sounds fine, r=me.
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asking approval 1.9.1, no risk, allows preventive maintenance to have some more possibility to be run.
Maybe not the right place to ask this, but are there any plans to allow maintenance to run on a computer that's in use without effecting performance too much? (by monitoring disk I/O and throttling maintenance as necessary - I assume it's already run at low CPU priority) This would be useful if Firefox hasn't had focus in a while, but the computer hasn't been idle. Presumably other less aggressive strategies are already employed while Firefox is being used.

My apologies if I'm way off base here and 'idle time' only applies to Firefox and not system-wide activity.
wanted imo, preventive strips away some work from expiration too, and puts that in a separate thread.
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