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Here's the script that I've been running on my little ARM box.  This isn't a bug per se, but this is the easiest place to put this.

It requires:
  - perl
  - Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter from CPAN (and a few misc prereqs)
  - curl
  - native compiler that autoconf can find
  - some kind of mail setup that the perl Mail thing can figure out how to send mail.  I just installed postfix.

Note that it does not require hg.

When run, the script will:
  - use the atom-log via http to figure out the rev id of the tip
  - use the hg web interface to grab a tarball of the latest tracemonkey tree; it then pipes that tarball straight to tar and unpacks only the js dir (reducing target disk space reqs, but see note below)
  - runs autoconf
  - does builds with different buildargs (easy to customize/expand)
  - runs trace-tests.js

It sucks that I have to download the entire tarball when all I want is the js dir; this is one of the slowest parts of the whole process on limited machines.  We should probably set up a simple bouncer on some host that will do the download in a faster spot and serve just a js tarball over or similar.
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Updated -- better handling if the pushlog is down for some reason, also uses TinderboxPrint to print the revision and test results.
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10 years ago
I had a hard time getting the perl tinderbox stuff to run. bsmedberg has a python client. Its a bit specialized for browser builds but you can rip out the parts you care for. I had to make a gmail account I can send mail to via smtp to deliver the tinderbox emails. 


Here is a link that shows how to change the smtp sending code to use TLS (authentication):

sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Devel::Tinderbox::Reporter' ?

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10 years ago
#3: the local machine must run postfix and or sendmail for that script. I never managed to get that to work on the arm box.
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