Can no longer browse the internet if clicking 'stop' after 1/2 seconds of beginning to load a page




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Once I begin to load a page, but decide to stop the loading, and then click back, I am no longer able to use the current window/tab.

Not sure if it happens on all websites, but I quite often make mistakes when typing my password into, and press Stop and back (before the page loads) and retype my password I can no longer continue on.

If I stop a page after it has been loading for a few seconds, I can still browse the internet... it only seems to happen if I immediately stop the browser.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Load any webpage (or hotmail)
2. Type anything in, and hit enter
3. Immediately stop the page from loading, you should be presented with a white screen with nothing on it
4. Press back, then type something else in, you will not be able to continue. 
Actual Results:  
Can not continue browsing the internet in the tab/window you are in.

Expected Results:  
You should be able to continue using the current tab/window
Do you get the same issue in the Firefox safemode ?

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9 years ago
Also, May I just add that this problem occurs on both my PC & laptop.
I can not reproduce this issue with Firefox3.0.6 on Vista.

Are you sure that you  closed Firefox with all Firefox windows (download manager) before you tried to start it in the safemode ?

Can you please try to create an additional test profile ?

Have you installed addons on both system or do you use the same Firewall/security on both system that may install an addon (like AVG or Norton) ?

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9 years ago
I created a new profile called 'test profile' and went to and was able to reproduce this problem immediately. Mabye if I record a video and show what is happening will help. <-- That is a video of the problem.

I am using basically the same addons and am using the same AV/firewall (Eset Smart Security) on both machines... although the problem still occurs even with a test profile.
There is something special on your system that must cause this because nobody else got this. It's not that we don't  believe that you have this issue or that your description isn't clear enough.

If you create a new profile you must also go to tools/addon in this new profile and be disable all addons that are listed (if any) , followed by a restart.

It must be something else if you already did that.
Either an unusual plugin but you can get a list of installed plugins if you type about:plugins . Flash10, Windows Media Player, Quicktime are "normal" plugins. If you don't see other unusual one it can be either your Firewall or malware on your system or something else.

I really don't know what it could be :-(

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9 years ago
I had not disabled any addons after creating the new account, although I did just re-test with everything disabled and the problem was still encountered.

My firewall completely allows anything and everything to do with firefox.exe, and as for malware I know I do not have any. I am a computer technician by trade, and manage my computers efficiently running scans on a regular basis... and this problem has been around for a while (although I am only reporting it now, as it is nothing serious).

I too, do not know what else it could be...

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9 years ago
Could it possibly be something to do with the fact that I am using a 64-bit OS and firefox is a 32-bit application?
It could be as most users are on 32 bit but such a bug would be high visible.
Which Firewall do you use ?

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9 years ago
I use Eset Smart Security (NOD32), which comes with Eset Firewall, NOD32 AV and Eset anti-spam, although again I would just like to point out that firefox is completely allowed.
I can't find any bugs with google that mention the Eset firewall.
Could you please remove Firefox from the Firewall configuration and let it ask again for permissions ?

I have no clue what it could be, maybe someone else have an answer. You should also try to ask in the support Forums (
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