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Set a smaller value for DOWNLOAD_BACKGROUND_INTERVAL for non official builds

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10 years ago
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When downloading an complete update for a nightly build the interval is way too long and will take hours (around 5?) to complete and often it will be the next day before the download has completed. By changing DOWNLOAD_BACKGROUND_INTERVAL from 600 to 60 for non official builds (e.g. nightly builds) the approximate time to complete should be under an hour.
Probably best to key on either the channel or official branding.
MOZILLA_OFFICIAL means "anything built on any Mozilla tinderbox" so you don't want that.
Yea... I'm a bit slow and under the weather today
If we're going down this road (and it's a good road to tread), then it'd be worth considering shortening app.update.interval too. The default check of once a day means you end up with more complete updates than is convenient for frequent nightly use. We'd have to check if that'd impact on metrics though.
and I notified metrics when I made the change
Pardon me, I really should pay more attention. That was in Bug 324121 ftr.
No worries
This is only affecting nightly builds and not releases, right?
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I went with a pref since other apps may want to specify a custom value.
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10 years ago
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I'll land this after the mozilla-central tree is in better shape.

btw: I gave Justin a heads up about this change for nightly updates as well.
cc'ing a bunch of people in case they are interested in adding this pref for their app updates.

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10 years ago
It seems wrong for this to depend on branding (rather than, say, channel).  I think depending on branding will make alphas behave like nightlies and betas behave like releases, which might not be what we want.
Well, the pref can be set to whatever number and for whatever type of build it wants and if an app chooses not to we fallback to the number of seconds we've been using. I agree that it *might* be nice to have a new way of setting this but that can be said about several of the prefs set in the branding prefs file as well as other code that is different based on the type of build.
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