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Firefox shows auth pop-up when doing NTLM auth


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The Linux version of Firefox presents me with an authentication pop-up when I connect to an intranet site. The pop-up is populated with previously entered values (the user only has to press "enter" or click "ok"). Still, this is annoying.

The "network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris" configuration option is set correctly.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Configure "network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris" to contain a list of URIs.
2. Connect to a site that uses NTLM authentication.
3. Ask Firefox to remember the password.
4. Restart Firefox and connect to the site again.
Actual Results:  
The user is presented with a pre-filled pop-up.

Expected Results:  
Firefox should silently connect to the site, using previously entered credentials. Only if that fails, the user should be presented with a pop-up.

On Windows this behaves as expected (i.e. doesn't ask for credentials, even when connecting for the first time).

If I'm not mistaken, this used to work in Firefox 2.
What does your list look like? Fully qualified domains? Works for me in Firefox 3+. No need to save your password, it uses Windows' login info.
I can confirm this, I have been digging for hours for an answer to this problem. I've tried both FF 3, and FF 3.5, both seems have this issue.

As the first comment states, this is only a problem in Linux (can't confirm osx), when using Windows the expected results are achieved 

As I understand it (and I'm not very well in this area) FF in Windows uses SSPI to get the neccesary credentials and then communicates with NTLM-based webserver (or whatever). 

And in Linux FF uses GSSAPI to do the same thing, and as far I understand, the problem seems to be around here..

I could be way off here, as I really don't have a clue about these things, but I thought that I at least could share my experiences and ideas. 

As far as my "debugging skills" reaches I've noted these three lines from FF when trying to connect, 

-1264666656[7fe6b4615040]: sys-ntlm allowed for host
-1264666656[7fe6b4615040]: Writing to ntlm_auth: YR
-1264666656[7fe6b4615040]: failed to load sys-ntlm module

Which to me indicates that something seems to be wrong, however again, I'm very unfamiliar within this area. 

I'll gladly take any comments and/or suggestions in this matter. 

Best regards, 
Patrik Martinsson.
Reporter, please retest with Firefox 3.6.12 or later in a fresh profile ( Also update your plugins (flash, adobe reader, java, quicktime, silverlight, etc.) Go to the developer's website and download the latest version from there. If you no longer see this issue, please close this bug as RESOLVED, WORKSFORME. If you do see the bug, please post a comment.
Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-12-01]
No reply, INCOMPLETE. Please retest with Firefox 3.6.12 or later and a new profile ( If you continue to see this issue with the newest firefox and a new profile, then please comment on this bug.
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