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It would be nice if export to vcard handles AIM URLs

from "Jauder Ho" <jauderho at>

While adding AIM information to my hcard and exporting to Apple Address Book, it appears if some of the translation is incorrect. However, I'm not sure if this is an Operator or X2V issue.

I have <a rel="me" class="url" href="aim:goim?screenname=jauderho">AIM</a>

Which should auto populate the AIM field on AddressBook, 

However, it shows up as an url. 

Adding the entry in AddressBook and reading the exported VCF, it looks like it should be in the format of


As documented in the VCard extensions.

You can see the example by going to  I am also attaching the exported VCF from AddressBook. Any help would be appreciated.

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10 years ago
Just mentioning that I looked up AIM support in hCards here:

Basically there isn't any specific support for this kind of contact info.
You are encouraged to add it as a link with the "url" class to give users of your website some extra functionality, but it doesn't discriminate between protocols or anything like that.
It would be very nice if Operator could support things like this, but perhaps it would be better for hCards to first support it through a different class name for the purpose of exporting?

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9 years ago
I went ahead and added the X- support to VCF because it's a recognized extension.

I now put aim, yahoo, msn and skype in the vcard. It will be in the next release.
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