please create another win32 clone



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10 years ago
Called mobile-win32-experiment03.

This one will be a bit trickier: a 9gb c: doesn't look to be sufficient anymore.  Could you give me a ref image clone, but with a 15gb c: drive?

Alternately, if you can tell me how to make Microsoft stop installing tons of data into C: when I explicitly tell it to install to D:, that would work too.

Last time I looked into this you had to wave a magic wand to increase the disk size (or copy contents into a larger drive) then use partition magic to let Windows know about it...  I'm hoping this has either improved or isn't a total pain.

There is a high probability we'll end up having to increase the size of the ref image's C: drive in the near future as well.

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10 years ago

I think the trick with the vmkfstools bit is getting Windows to grow the partition to use 100% of the new disk.

I've also played with trying to p2v or otherwise import a VM into a larger VM.

We're investigating whether we can avoid the C: expansion in the meantime.
You could make a make two clones and use one clone to mount the others c:\ and then resize.  The only OS limitation is around expanding the drive you've booted off of (I've done this in the past btw).


10 years ago
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10 years ago
If you're closer to being finished than not, I'll take a look at the VM.
But otherwise, we've found a workaround for the moment.  (Enlarging our ref image c: may crop up again in the future, however.)

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