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Provide CSV file for MTBF reports



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This should be easy, but we should have a link to a CSV for MTBF reports, that way I can download it and manipulate as needed.

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9 years ago
Top Crashers (by Signature) and MTBF reports now have a link at the bottom

"Want to slice and dice? CSV Formatted Raw Data"
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Not sure what the lines in that file mean. There's one 3.0.4 line, a generic 3.0.5 and a "3.0.5 Win", and three 3.0.6 lines. The generic 3.0.6 line is too small to be a total, is it Linux? The extremely small number of non-distro Linux users shouldn't be submitting more crashes than Windows users, but it's a smaller number than the Mac so it can't be a total. And it's amazing that the fraction of our users who are on Mac are submitting ten times the number of crashes of Windows users. Is that right?

Would it be possible to get the number of unique submitters added to the csv?
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About the lines... I'm not sure what you're seeing, but on the "major" list, I see the following:

Firefox 3.0.4
Firefox 3.0.5
Firefox 3.0.6
Firefox 3.0.5 Win
Firefox 3.0.6 Win
Firefox 3.0.6 Mac

The ones that show "Win" and "Mac" are specific to those OSes. The others are total for all OSes.

> Would it be possible to get the number of unique submitters added to the csv?

This value no longer exists as of Firefox 3.0.6. (We turned of GUIDs.)


6 years ago
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