Implement the "Add a Photo" upload functionality in the SFx Photostream



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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Need to hook up the "Add a Photo" link in the SFx Photostream.
Mary, what is the destination URL for this link?

Comment 2

9 years ago
Hey there:  This needs to be a new page.

Here is the content for it:

haring your Firefox & Mozilla photos

Do you have photos of the great things you've done to promote Firefox or a local event?  The Spread Firefox community wants to see them!  A few directions & guidelines:

* Select the photos or set that you want to share on Flickr.  
* Try to keep them interesting and fun -- no one wants to see 100 pictures of a Firefox booth no matter how cool it is!
* Tag your photos with "spreadfirefox" on Flickr.
* Keep it clean!

Jamey:  Could you create this new page?  I would really appreciate it!

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9 years ago
Mary like this ?

site had bugs and errors on my end of the world I understand its not done 
just takes me a bit to navigate around the site ;)not to mention I lost all my bookmarks when my computer crashed "yes I do have a backup" just not set up at this time ;(

I named it add-a-photo with URL aliases I can rename or edit at any time 
the page is only on stage ? is that what you wanted ?
Thanks Jamey.

I think we can do a much better job formatting the text on that page (that should be a higher priority in general on the site moving forward, so that we keep this new car shiny).  Could you break out the bulleted list into a <ul>?

Also, the title should read "Sharing your Firefox & Mozilla photos"

Also, the page should not be open to comments

I think the path could be more relevant as well, how about sharing_photos


Comment 5

9 years ago
Wow, you are fast Jamey :)  Thanks!

One additional edit, there should be a space between the first two sentences and a "Few directions & guidelines:"

Thanks again :)

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9 years ago
Mary I have made some of the changes it will not let me change the Input format
or any of the File attachments Comment settings Signup settings Authoring information Publishing options

if you login and click edit you will have a better understating 
it may be the team is updating modules
Ah yeah, I've just discovered this problem as well. Looking into it now.  bug 479302

Comment 8

9 years ago
Hey there: Sounds like the edit node issue is fixed.  Jamey:  Will you be able to do properly bullets now for this page?

Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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9 years ago
Let's split off the content edits of this page into its own bug; the "Add a Photo" link is now working, and links to

Verified FIXED


6 years ago
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