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10 years ago
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10 years ago
I regularly run across plaintext source files and diff files that the remote server has "helpfully" tagged with MIME types of text/x-csrc, text/x-cheader, text/x-patch, etc.. Seamonkey insists on invoking an external program to view these things, but I just want to quickly see them in the browser before deciding what to do next. I want to be able to configure the browser to recognize them as aliases for "text/plain" and then just handle them with the internal text viewer.

After surfing thru MXR it appears the only way to accomplish this is by adding some entry points to layout/build/nsContentDLF.cpp to register some type/alias pairs for it to search thru when deciding what to do with a document. Is this the right place to be looking, or am I in the wrong place?


2 years ago
Component: File Handling → File Handling
Product: Core → Firefox
Version: Trunk → unspecified
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