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broken link found on module owners page

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9 years ago
The profilemanager content was archived since it was obsolete (last updated 2003).  I assume that the profilemanager module is historical and can be removed.  Moving bug to governance component for further discussion about what to do with profilemanager module.  Also copying Kairo since this is SeaMonkey related.
Assignee: nobody → zak
Component: → Governance
Product: Websites →
QA Contact: www-mozilla-org → governance
Version: unspecified → other

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9 years ago
There's still code in but not sure if that's old xpfe stuff or something still used in toolkit. SeaMonkey at least is not using the xpfe code any more there, so if this link was only about xpfe, it should be removed, if the whole module was xpfe only, the module and the code should be deleted.
No, the code is embedding (dirserviceprovider) and IDLs that both toolkit and embedding use, and hasn't been SeaMonkey at all since the demise of non-MOZ_SINGLE_PROFILE in 2007.

The module's a couple of years overdue for killing, though: anybody touching either half of it is very likely to be mostly touching stuff outside profile/ and know who they think owns it, depending on whether they're starting from embedding or toolkit/XRE, and the only way it would ever be likely to have a single owner would be if the same person happened to own embedding and toolkit startup, in which case they wouldn't need a separate module to tell them they owned it.

Comment 4

9 years ago
The code in profile/ should be considered part of toolkit at this point. I've updated despot.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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