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10 years ago
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(Reporter: Arny K, Unassigned)


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10 years ago
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There should be an Saved Password Encryption option available as in Firefox. Considering that Prism is primarily created for webapps, which practically always require some login, good password management is essential. Remembering passwords does exist, but in a crude form - no deletion nor encryption. There is another bug filed about listing and deleting saved passwords, and this is request for actually encrypting the passwords.

In the current state Prism can be used only in two awkward ways: reentering all passwords by hand or letting it remember in plaintext (or scrambled), therefore fully insecure.

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10 years ago
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10 years ago
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9 years ago
Please ask for permission for the blocking1.0 flag. This bug is definitely not going to block the 1.0 release.
Flags: blocking1.0+ → blocking1.0-
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