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add include and some stub code for CF_HDROP

The needed defines are in winuserm.h.

We should write the CF_HDROP code at some point, but it's not crucial for right now.  This is on Windows CE only, though I think that the same would work on Windows Mobile... winuserm.h is there as well.  I can enable it everywhere if that's ok.
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add include and some stub code for CF_HDROP

Never mind; I forgot to reenable the constructors and modules in WinWidgetFactory, so a lot of this ended up being dead code.  Our current clipboard code relies on the OLE clipboard, which CE/Mobile doesn't have.

I have another patch coming up that just stubs out the clipboard -- this is needed so that things like about:config don't crap out (since they unconditionally get the clipboard helper service and the like).
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9 years ago
What is the reason for the patch here being marked obsolete?
Due to comment #1 -- the code was never actually being built, it was being stripped by the linker as dead code :)  I'll post the stub patch here shortly (looks like I just forgot); it should be straightforward to fill it out with support for the most straightforward TEXT copy/paste.

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9 years ago
Ugh, got faked out by tidybug which doesn't respect my comment sorting (so I saw only comment #0).
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stub out clipboard for CE, also reenable nsSound

This patch stubs out the clipboard for windows ce, and also reenables nsSound (the PURGE flag isn't supported even on the desktop, not clear what it should be doing).

Having this patch stops things like about:config from throwing when they try to access the clipboard service without checking whether they got it or not.
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stub out clipboard for CE, also reenable nsSound

part of this looks like bug 475361, which should land soon.  When you push this, please mark that bug fixed.

drop the changes in:

in widget/src/windows/nsClipboardCE.h, why do we need:

+#include <windows.h>

I do not think this is enough stuff to actually get clipboard support working, right?  I have patches in Mozilla 1.8 that implement the missing clipboard functionality on WinCE.  Do you want to file a follow up?
Oh, I forgot that the idle stuff is in here -- bug 475361's fix seems more robust, so I'll take out the idle timer pieces from here.

I'll nuke windows.h, not needed.

And yeah -- this just stubs everything out.  We should do a followup to actually fill in the stubbed functions.
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