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Blank Space in Projects Page ScreenShot

As of now, there's no link attached to a joined Project in the main Projects page (shown in the screenshot). It'd be nice to have a Leave Project link replace the Join link after a user has teamed up with that group. The user has to go to their "My Groups" page in order to leave a group
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I'm not sure if I agree with the need to have a leave link there myself. User's *should* be going to "my groups" if they're looking to leave a project, or clicking on the "my membership" link on the side of that project. It doesn't make sense that they'd try and do this from the project list as there are too many projects to sort through.

It might be useful to fill in the blank space with an indication that you're already a member of the group, though.

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10 years ago
I agree with Lucy's analysis.

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10 years ago
That works for me too. The page just seemed odd with only a blank space there.
I agree also, especially with the idea of indicating that the user is already a part of that group.

I'm going to redo the bug summary to reflect that.

Also, I'm removing this from 3.0 since it won't be part of the redesign
Summary: Request for a Leave Project link on Project page for a Joined Group → Indicate existing membership on group listing pages
Target Milestone: 3.0 → ---
Product: Websites → Websites Graveyard
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