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add an about:me page that shows users a rollup of their web usage and behavior


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see details in the bug URL.
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noted in url "can't make a query for this", wouldn't it be something like (please excuse my lack on knowledge of the table details...):

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT p.url), strftime('%w', h.visit_date) day_of_week
FROM moz_places p, moz_historvisits h
GROUP BY strftime('%w', h.visit_date)

But you are using sqlite right? And it doesn't do COUNT(DISTINCT foo).  So, it'd be:

SELECT COUNT(url), day_of_week
  SELECT DISTINCT p.url, strftime('%w', h.visit_date) day_of_week
  FROM moz_places p, moz_historyvisits h
  WHERE = h.place_id
  GROUP BY strftime('%w', h.visit_date)

Hope this helps.
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Assignee: nobody → mleibovic
Depends on: 502671
Depends on: 502678
Great work on the extension. 

Will specific date ranges be added? "For the Week of..." for example?
Thank you for the great extension.

Please either provide the option for time in 24-hour format, or fetch it from the OS locale setting, perhaps using toLocaleString().
I threw together (meaning I didn't write the actual coding) an about:me Toolbar Button for myself and uploaded it to AMO thinking that others might find it useful too.
Of course it won't be needed when about:me becomes a Firefox feature.

I based the icon/logo on the red used in about:me.
This add-on cannot be installed with debian firefox 3.5.5 (which is called iceweasel). It just says I should install firefox.
Maybe because iceweasel is not an official mozilla build of firefox. But, I don't think discussion like that are pertinent to this bug. Please contact Ken (or whoever is in charge of support) directly.
This is nice.  Would it be worth adding the ability to:

1 - Display data for downloads occurring through other means such as the add-on DownThemAll?  I use DTA for most of my downloads, but that data isn't represented.

2 - Display data for downloads of updates for Firefox and add-ons?  There may not be a use case for this info for a large number of users, but for me, as someone coupled up to the nightly update train, this is a significant part of my download history, and not currently represented.
Is this dead in the water now?
Would like to know also, but probably is.

"This page was last modified on 26 December 2009"
Could you please update the extension to work with Fx4?
(In reply to comment #11)
> Could you please update the extension to work with Fx4?

I tried doing that a few months ago, but the changes that needed to be made weren't trivial, so I set it aside. I intend to get back to it, but I'm pretty busy with other things right now.

If anyone is interested in updating it, the code is available on github:
I'm very happy see your extension updated! Aren't you planning adding locales via Babelzilla?
(In reply to Csaba Kozák [:WonderCsabo] from comment #13)
> I'm very happy see your extension updated! Aren't you planning adding
> locales via Babelzilla?

At one point I did add my extension to Babelzilla: I'm afraid the UI of that website totally confused me, so I didn't do much else with it, but it looks like translations have been posted there.

I'm marking this bug as WONTFIX, since it doesn't look like we're incorporating this into Firefox any time soon. However, I think it's perfect add-on material, so it will still be available on AMO :)
Closed: 8 years ago
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