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mozilla-plugin.pc missing definition of XP_UNIX and OJI


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Since some recent reorganization (possibly associated with bug 455458), it's evident that mozilla-plugin.pc needs to define the preprocessor symbols XP_UNIX and OJI.  Presumably the latter should be conditional based on the build configuration.
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jst/josh: I thought the NPAPI headers weren't supposed to require any external defines at all... has that changed?
They do require defines for OS detection - XP_UNIX, XP_MACOSX and the like. We expect plugin authors to define those (add XP_MACOSX=1 in an Xcode project file for a plugin, for example). The fact that the XP_* defines match Mozilla's is historic, they aren't technically related to that system iirc. I believe the same system for OS defines is used in WebKit's headers. We probably want to change this some day but haven't gotten around to it.
Is this file only used for unix systems? Can we just add "-DXP_UNIX" or do we have to be conditional about it?
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It's only used for POSIXy systems. I don't think it needs to be conditional. Note that mozilla-js.pc already adds -DXP_UNIX unconditionally.
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We should take this on the 1.9.1 branch. Safe packaging fix.
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