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I have a  CHM Help file on my local system.  It opens fine with hh.exe.  Some links in the file go to URL sites.  When clicking on them, they open up in MSIE even though Firefox is default browser.   File association for htm/html are set for Firefox.  

I suspected that MSIE must be hardcoded into hh.exe.  So, I had a colleague try to duplicate this, and they did.  They set Firefox as default broswer, but MSIE opened the CHM file.  But... their default browser is CHROME and the CHM file opened up OK in CHROME, it did not open with MSIE.

I have an installed Firefox AddOn, CHM Reader.  If I start Firefox, and select File/Open CHM Files, the CHM file opens correctly in Firefox, and any links to URLs now open in Firefox as desired.

I have no tech knowledge about how these may operate, but can only provide symptoms at this time.  Am will to help with any testing for a solution.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Set Firefox as default browser.
2.  Double click on a local CHM Help file that has links inside to URLs.  The normal Windows CHM reader will open.
3.  Click on a link in the CHM file that goes to a web site.

Actual Results:  
Observe that the web link opens in MSIE

Expected Results:  
Expected that web link would open in Firefox, the default browser.

This may not be hardcoded into hh.exe, but may be looking for a specific MSIE dll or other file in the default browser path?  

Test this with other browsers set as default?  I understand that CHROME browser works properly.

I originally thought this was a problem with the CHM file associated with a product that I use, Macro Scheduler from MJT.  Original discussion of this problem can be seen here:
Is it possible that they use a different version of hh.exe ?
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10 years ago
I will check with them, may take a few days.  But I did use different versions of hh.exe.  I had seen that Microsoft Security Patch had introduced some problems, so I tried an earlier version but had the same results.

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10 years ago
This works for me.  Have you tried reinstalling Firefox?

I don't have IE disabled.  But I'll ask anyway. What happens if you disable IE:

If you open the Run dialog from the start menu and type in a full URL (e.g. what browser opens?

Under Folder Options in Windows there is the File Types tab.  In the list of registered file types (near the top) there is an entry URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol.  What program is set for that entry?  I think that might be what's used in this case.

Comment 4

10 years ago
1.  Disabled IE, no change.  Was also able to launch IE from normal icon.  Did not seem to be disabled.  Rebooted with same settings, confirmed it is not enabled, but IE still launches.  This did not work.

2.  Run opens up Firefox.  Nothing learned here, is as expected.

3.  Entry for URL:HTTP is set to Open with Firefox.  HTM and HTML also set for Firefox.  Nothing learned here, is as expected.

Thanks for suggestions, still no fix.
Some versions of HTML help (e.g. CHM) didn't open links in the default browser in all cases though newer versions of HTML Help might have this specific bug in HTML help fixed. iirc the fixes would be in Win Vista and Win 7. If this is the case there isn't anything we can do here.
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