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add maximum expire time to option Keep cookies until they expire


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Some websites set ridiculously long expire times for their cookies. It would be a great addition that Firefox users could set a maximum expire time, for example 12 hours or 5 days. In that way, a cookie would be deleted once the selected time elapses without the cookie being accessed, no matter the cookie's original expire time.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Tools -> Options
2. Privacy -> Cookies
3. Enable "Accept third-party cookies".
4. Set "Keep cookies until... they expire".
Er... step 3 should be enable "Accept cookies from sites", not "Accept third-party cookies".
there used to be one, but that got removed in bug 232744
Wow, Jo! I can't believe that someone asked to remove a feature, and that they made the developer team do it. When many people use the same computer, some of which aren't geeks, it's complicated to keep cookie whitelists. Meanwhile, I must remove by hand cookies that will expire in year 3009. This is really sad. Thanks for the answer, Jo.
This already exists, but setting the variable "network.cookie.lifetime.days" in about:config breaks the "Keep until" menu in the Privacy tab. This is the same variable that exists in SeaMonkey under "Privacy & Security" \ "Cookies" \ "Cookie Retention Policy" \ "Accept cookies for <insert number here> days". is more of a setting-this-variable-breaks-the-panel or the panel not being coded to reflect this variable's setting. The default number is "90" btw.

Note: I am using nightly trunk build "Gecko/20101202 Firefox/4.0b8pre ID:20101202030316" at the time of this post.
Severity: normal → S3
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