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Have prdtoa.c include the upstream dtoa.c


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I noticed that jsdtoa.cpp now uses #include "dtoa.c" to include dtoa.c.
I like that organization as that makes it easier to upgrade to the latest
version of dtoa.c.

The attached patch does that for prdtoa.c.  I didn't save the original
dtoa.c, so I used the patches in bug 108305 to reconstruct it.

I had to lose two pieces of code:

1. The FLT_ROUNDS code for Mac OS X.  Since the comment says it
is for deployment target < 10.2, and I think we don't need to support
Mac OS X 10.2 today, it should be okay to lose this code.

2. The IEEE_ARM macro: it is only used in the Storeinc macro (which is
dead code if HAVE_LONG_LONG is defined).  So I removed it, and define
IEEE_MC68k instead.  If we only support __ARM_EABI__, we can lose this
code completely.
This is prdtoa.c, with the proposed patch applied.  It's easier to see the
change this way than reviewing the patch.
Should you request review or ...?
Blocks: 508531
I added dtoa.c dated Sun Apr 19 23:40:24 MDT 2009.

RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla/nsprpub/pr/src/misc/dtoa.c,v
Checking in dtoa.c;
/cvsroot/mozilla/nsprpub/pr/src/misc/dtoa.c,v  <--  dtoa.c
initial revision: 1.1
Is this change still wanted?
I looked a bit at this bug.
There are some small changes between dtoa.c and the one I found here
Is there a more up to date version of dtoa.c?
There are lot of changes between prdtoa.c and dtoa.c: are all because dtoa.c is more newer? Or there was some patches of mozilla on prdtoa.c?
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