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2 Things
1 - Enhancement - In IE7 the tab title bar seems to be wider-  - My tab title says (I have only this tab open) Gmail - Inbox (2015) marun2@gmail.c... The firefox tabs seem to be fixed width always 

2 - Dont know how to reproduce this prob - I am working on the site There is a PNG logo image that is less than 15 KB in size. I updated the image with another new logo with the same name (ftpd the new logo) Now I press Ctrl+F5 it still shows the same old logo. Then I had to directly type in the logo path as in and then go back and hit ctrl+F5 again and this time it showed the new logo. May be PNG images are not fetched again if they have the same name when page is refreshed but I have come across this same thing in IE7 before if I press Ctrl+F5 for hard refresh then the new logo would start to show

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Upload PNG replacing existing PNG
2. Ctrl F5 to refresh
3. Old PNG shows
Actual Results:  
Old PNG shows

Expected Results:  
New PNG to show (same filename)
Component: General → ImageLib
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: general → imagelib
Joe - is this PNG issue fixed by one of those image cache bugs you fixed recently?
Probably - we have tests in bug 470838 that need to be updated and land which should cover this case. L. Mohan, do you still see this problem?
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