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[or] Firefox release tracker Oriya


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This is a tracker bug for releasing Firefox 3.5 or.

This bug is not that detailed, but as we get particular work items, they should
block this bug for tracking and discoverability.
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Component: Other → or / Oriya
QA Contact: oriya.or
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Morphing this bug into a version-independent tracker.
Alias: fx35-l10n-or → fx-l10n-or
Blocks: fx-l10n-tracker
No longer blocks: fx35-l10n-tracker
Summary: [or] Firefox 3.5 release tracker Oriya → [or] Firefox release tracker Oriya
Depends on: 709803
Firstly, congratulations team!

You have worked and managed to get all the dependencies for this bug fixed, which means that productization for Oriya Firefox is all done. Please take a minute or two and read the next steps to follow.

== Aurora ==

Every 6 weeks, we will update aurora repositories with new strings that will require some additional time spent on it. As you probably already know, we advise all localizers to use Aurora channel for all translations, so that we can merge them with Beta channel when needed without any regressions. So, please use Aurora as your primary working repo, and in case you're landing a fix to Beta channel, please port it back to Aurora, too. Once the Aurora builds are available, please use them as much as you can for the purpose of testing your own translations and making sure everything is as it should be.

Note: as of this moment, both Aurora and Beta channels for Firefox are red on dashboard( ), accompanied by some errors as well. Please fix this as soon as possible and take care of Aurora channel well :)

== Bugs ==

Please check your dashboards every now and then to see if there are some bugs filed against Firefox in Oriya. You can check the status of your latest builds and some team info on l10n dashboard teams page at . As the website evolves, you'll start using that as your primary source of info related to localization.

One other important thing to have in mind is webdashboard. We use webdashboard to show contributors bugs related to web localization for their locale. This is really important as we use our websites to promote localized Firefox builds.

== Staying connected ==

You should also follow the Mozilla l10n newsgroup,, available as mailing list, newsgroup or google group. The traffic isn't too high frequency. 

You'll find all announcements at . Those are vital to read, as they include things that the l10n-drivers want you to know and attend to. 

There's a third group,, where we discuss web localization issues. That's a separate group as quite a few localization teams have dedicated volunteers for that.

Another important thing is staying in touch with community and make yourself available for anyone who wants to contribute. So, if possible, get in touch with community on community forums, get feedback and possibly more volunteers.

Enjoy and congratulations!
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