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10 years ago
The quick wins box changes size to fit the text which makes everything below it jump up and down as you click through the different suggestions.

Quick wins box should be fixed size and quick wins admin should have a char limit.
Sorry I disagree here, I don't see anything wrong with a little movement.  It affords us the flexibility to put whatever we need to in the box
I noticed this too, but the alternative is to have a module with varying levels of whitespace, which would also look weird.

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10 years ago
So I understand what you guys are saying, but this is why I disagree ;)

First of all, it's Quick Wins, if they have to be more than a certain length we're not doing them right. I think this size can still look ok with less content. Looking at the ones that are up now, the ones that only take up one or two lines look cleanest to me. I think if we restrict it to 3 lines the extra white space won't be distracting on ones with only 1 or 2 lines.

Secondly, yes this is a lot less noticable when only looking one at a time, but I found it very distracting when I was clicking through them which I really would expect a lot of people who actually look at quick wins to do. The unnecessary movement makes it feel like we missed something when designing the page.

I guess I just have to suggest people try clicking through them and see if I'm the only one who really found it distracting.
Agreed that quick wins should always be short, and therefore a fixed size is justifiable.  However, the Featured Projects block is built that same way, and likely  has the same issue (adjusting size), and I don't like the idea of limiting height on Featured Projects.

For the sake of space and simplicity, the scroll doesn't bother me.

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10 years ago
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lengthy quickwin

While the description section in "Featured projects" is truncated with "..." so as to retain visual integrity..the same rule is not applied for Quickwins section.

Since this is administrator only feature,we are pretty safe.But if an admin were to add a very lengthy quickwin,it will spoil the formatting of the whole page.(see screenshot)

For me,the best solution would be to truncate lengthy Quickwin content/description  with "..."

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10 years ago
Showed this to Rolo and Doherty, and they find it distracting as well.  Can we make it a fixed height?
*buchanae throws up the white flag. 
I can see I'm outnumbered here :)

Neil, could you tweak this?
I've made the content for the Get Active block a fixed height @ 75 px.
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10 years ago
Verified FIXED on https://spreadfirefox.authstage.mozilla.com/news_events; content box stays its fixed size.


7 years ago
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