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RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 3.0b3


9 years ago
9 years ago


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Thunderbird 3.0b3
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The 'Privacy' tab in Thunderbird preferences doesn't describe the elements it provides very well at all.  Firefox has started to use a security for the tab that contains passwords.  In bug 482617 we will be moving the Junk tab out of privacy and into it's own tab, making the current 'Privacy' tab about passwords, viruses, and phishing; a fun trio that play well together.

Will attach working patch soon.
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9 years ago
Just to note that the change made by bug 368635 left the function called by the oncommand handler broken; I'm going to remove the handler in this patch so it doesn't error anymore.

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9 years ago
lets get this change in first, I'm using the privacy/security icon from the tango preferences for both win/lin
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9 years ago
Created attachment 366721 [details] [diff] [review]
version 1 privacy -> security

magnus: you're my go-to linux reviewer :)

I've done an hg rename of mail/components/preferences/privacy.* -> security.*

removed themes/(qute|gnomestripe)/mail/preferences/privacy.png
added themes/(qute|gnomestripe)/mail/preferences/security.png from attachment 366669 [details]

renamed mail/locales/en-US/chrome/messenger/preferences/privacy.dtd -> security.dtd

cleaned out all references to privacy.js, privacy.png, and other privacy* css rules in all 3 themes.

I left the pref pref.privacy.disable_button.view_passwords as is because there already exists a number of docs online for how to change the view passwords button to disabled and don't think it's needed to remove the word privacy from that pref.

also included the one line fix for bug 368635
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9 years ago
Comment on attachment 366721 [details] [diff] [review]
version 1 privacy -> security

Looks good to me! r=mkmelin
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9 years ago
thanks magnus!
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