Backspace in table cell can delete previous cell contents




10 years ago
9 years ago


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10 years ago
Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Midas Demo:
2. Check "View HTML Source" and paste in the following HTML:

<table border="1" bordercolor="#ff0000" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td><div id="div1"><img id="img1" width="100" height="100"></div></td><td><div id="div2"><img id="img2" width="100" height="100"></div></td></tr></tbody></table>

3. Uncheck "View HTML Source" and put cursor in the first cell, and press left arrow key until the cursor moves to second cell. (Note: cursor is not visible, but you can see if you type a key it shows up in second cell. Selection startNode is div2, start offset 0).

4. Press backspace.

Actual result:
Previous cell contents (div1/img1) are deleted. Cursor not visible in step 3.

Expected result:
Backspace does nothing at start of table. Cursor always visible.
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