Closed Bug 482733 Opened 11 years ago Closed 11 years ago should support copying directories recursively


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Apparently the in-tree nsinstall.c gained the ability to recursively copy directories sometime back in 2001. does not have this ability, but it should.
This just refactors into a main nsinstall() method, and adds some simple unit tests. I'll actually fix the bug in a followup patch.
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Added a unittest for -m (not on windows), and got rid of the Windows line endings. (ew)
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Ok, actual bugfix, with a new unit test to test it.
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refactor + unittets, rev 2

I know that hg is weak on that, but is a hg diff -w or -b easier to review than this one?
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fix to copy directories recursively

r+ with nits. Can you rename files to entries? copy_all_files feels strange when you're copying dirs, too.

Same for the variable names inside the loops?
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Pushed to m-c:
Closed: 11 years ago
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And of course I forgot to fix the copy in js/src:
Blocks: 483800
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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