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login button misplaced on Juniper Networks support site


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works in Fx2, but not Fx3.0 or Fx3.1. Also works in Safari 4.
Could use a testcase and/or regression dates.
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Looks identical to me in Minefield, IE7 and Safari 4 on Windows.
OK, this regressed between 2007-05-23-04 and 2007-05-24-04 on Mac.  Bonsai range:

Right at the end of that is mac native theming being enabled for HTML.  Setting "-moz-appearance:none" on the two text inputs via DOM inspector fixes the layout over here.

The relevant style the page has on the input is: "width: 121px".  But the page is in standards mode, so text inputs are using content-box sizing, not border-box.  And native theming of text inputs on mac adds quite a bit of padding; a lot more than non-themed controls have.  So the box width ends up being 121px + border + padding, is too big for the space the page has allotted for it (which is presumably based on 121px + windows native theme padding), and the controls wrap to the next line.

I still think that the extra padding the mac native theme produces is a bug, certainly for constrained-width inputs, precisely because of cases like this.
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Oh, and naturally setting "-moz-box-sizing: border-box" also fixes the layout.
Flags: wanted1.9.1?
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Clearly this isn't being worked on, and the site doesn't appear to have any problems now. It has probably also changed quite a bit since this was reported.
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