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Provide a friendlier UI to choose which ways to sync data


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Bug 468691 provides an initial exposure to controlling data syncing, but we'll want something like bug 480057 comment 6 down the line -- a separate dialog triggered by clicking "Sync Now..."

Not sure if this bug includes beautifying the dialog with images, etc.; but at least initially we can get some text/ascii version.
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Initial implementation as a separate dialog. I'll try making it part of the existing sync status dialog to avoid opening/closing multiple modal dialogs.
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I started merging the existing sync status dialog with this one, but then thought it was kinda futile to keep the "modal" dialog around. So now it'll just dismiss the dialog and run the sync in the background -- just like what we do for autologin + autosync.

I say "modal" because a modal sync dialog only prevent access to the rest of the preferences window -- not the rest of the browser. I did the same thing for server wipe and got rid of the other debugging buttons.

Should we just get rid of that modal dialog? It's now only used if you do status bar -> sync now.
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r+, definitely better than the current debug UI, but syncing should give you feedback (as we discussed in person earlier)
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