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[kk] RSS Sample feed for Kazakh


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Our goal for including an RSS feed in the live bookmark is to demonstrate dynamic, changing and relevant content. We would suggest you choose something your users are interested in and that is locally relevant. By default this is the same as en-US, which is BBC news.

Timur, do you have any suggestions?

The implementation is done via a change of the redirect on, and is a server-side change only.
I have a question.
If there is absolutely no RSS feed in Kazakh language with dynamic news, what will you do?

I'd like to suggest that you would change to Russian feed since nearly all internet population in Kazakhstan is bilingual.

The same question applies to all web services because Internet infrastracture of Kazakhstan is too poorly developed, unfortunately.
Thanks for the comment.  Your idea seems pretty reasonable to consider.  Do you have suggestions for a dynamic, live bookmark for Kazakh users other than the Russian or en-US default?  Please feel free to use this bug to explore those ideas.  We can research together.  

The same goes for all the web services bugs.  

After some quick research on the CIA World Factboook, I see that 2001 estimates showed 95% of people speak Russian.

Wikipedia lists similar information about the bilingual nature of the country:

Seems like using some Russian-based web services is a good idea.  But, it's up to us (with your knowledge of the local market) to suggest the best or most appropriate Russian-language web services.  Sound good?
I think is the best news server in Russian for Kazakhstan, but no Kazakh-language RSS news sites, unfortunately.
Hi Timur,
Sorry we have not responded sooner to this bug.  If possible, can you help us find the contact information for the maintainer of this site?  

We will need to contact them to get approval to include them in the Kazakh version of Firefox.  Please send the email to  

Once contact them and get confirmation, we'll redirect the Kazakh feed.
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I sent an e-mail to (the e-mail address that I found on a couple of weeks ago, but haven't heard from them since. E-mail resent today.
Stas, did that change? Otherwise, any alternatives, or do we resolve with WORKSFORME/FIXED with bbc?
Given that we've not looked at this in a good year, are there new sites in Kazakh that'd be good news feeds?

Also, if we ever got permission from, they feed mentioned here still works, but I don't see it advertised anymore on their RSS page. So maybe we should pick a different one?
Yes, let's pick up

We have already contacted web editor of the site Kenzhebek Tynybayev and recieved his positive answer.
Hi Timur, 
I am going to implement the change, but the feed provided by Kenzhebek Tynybayev does not pass the W3C feed validation tool.  See the results here:

Do you mind showing those results to the web person at Kenzhebek Tynybayev.  Based on Pike's comment to me on IRC, this is not a blocking error so I am going to go forward.
Depends on: 640271

Do we want to go and implement this even though there are still some errors in validation?
Since Azattyk RSS still does not pass validation, I thiink it's better to use as a RSS feed for Kazakh Firefox.

It can be found at and it passes validation:

Axel, Milos, is it possible to change?

That seems like a good option. Also, what do you think of ?

It passes validation as well, and it seems like it's better ranked on Alexa, at least.

PS. I'm not leaning forward latter, but I just want to make sure we come up with the best option for users in Kazakhstan.

>That seems like a good option. Also, what do you think of ?

It is in Russian.
Sorry, I thought it's Kazakh because of the domain. Anyways, seems fine to me.

Axel, can we proceed with a server-side redirect?

Thanks Timur!
Axel, is this resolved/wontfix per bug 696163?
Actually, we did not receive the answer from the portal because of we did not punch them hard enough to reply to us.

But I've managed to contact with the editor in chief of,
which is another news site. They allowed us to use their RSS feed.
Axel, is this resolved/wontfix per bug 696163? Could you or Milos clarify on this please?
Yeah, WONTFIX is good enough for this one, thanks.
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