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remove press contact info from all archived press releases



9 years ago
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(Reporter: John Slater, Assigned: John Slater)


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9 years ago
We have an interesting situation on our hands...someone in the Microsoft support call center is directing all questions that pertain to Firefox to the only phone number they can find on Mozilla.com, which happens to be various people at our PR agency whose numbers are listed in the releases.

So, we think it would be best (to deal with this and other future situations) to remove *all* contact info from the press releases. 

I realize this is possibly a big chore...am hoping there's a way you can batch them somehow. If it helps, the info always is at the very end of the release, and follows the "Press Contact:" line. We'd want to remove it all...names, email addresses, phone numbers.

Here are a few sample links so you can we what we're talking about:

How big is this project?

John, I think Steven could be doing other things.  Instead, what would help is if we got the last 4 digits of all possible phone numbers from the PR agency then we could do a recursive search for where they show up in the mozilla.com source.  Then it would be a matter of doing a replace on those instances with the new central number and/or contact information.

Someone from webdev can pick that search/replace up.  Until then, I'll assign this to you because we need those numbers to even find all occurrences.
Assignee: steven → jslater
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Hi Mike,
The goal is to remove the phone number all together.  Not to replace it with the company's main number.  I don't want to pay our PR firm to field support requests.  It's not a great use of their time or our money.  

Can we do a search for 7 digit strings that start with (415) and (650) and just remove the whole thing?  That should capture a bunch of them without doing it one by one.  And then I can go in and find any remaining non-415 or 650- numbers and give you guys the last four digits.
Yea, should be possible, but last four digits aren't formatted.  Just need a list, then we can do whatever you want.
Oh I see -- just by area code is fine too -- if the goal is to remove everything altogether, that's easier.
Fred - could you give John and Melissa a hand with this?  Need to:
1. search for 415, 650 in mozilla.com code
2. remove phone numbers that are found
Assignee: jslater → fwenzel
Thanks guys!
So we are just removing the number, nothing else, right?
Btw. I cannot remove the numbers from the (few) PDF files there are in the press directory.
Ideally we could remove the name, number and email address.  If that's too hard, scrubbing the phone numbers would at least be a step in the right direction.
Created attachment 367404 [details] [diff] [review]

These are the ones I found and removed.
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The list is good but I am still seeing the names and phone numbers on the live site.
Comment on attachment 367404 [details] [diff] [review]

All right, I checked it in (Revision r23334). Mike, how do we get this pushed to production?
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> (From update of attachment 367404 [details] [diff] [review])
> All right, I checked it in (Revision r23334). Mike, how do we get this pushed
> to production?

I gave you access to kubla.mozilla.com so you could suffer with SVN like the rest of us. ;)

For stuff like this though just posting what files need pushing is best and John can review and push it through Kubla as he sees fit.
Okay. John: Here is the file list:

Please feel free to push it live at will or let me know if you need anything else.
Assignee: fwenzel → jslater

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9 years ago
Thanks Frederic...I just pushed the files live thru Kubla. Should be on the site soon(ish).
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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Thanks so much for making these changes so quickly!  Really appreciate the quick work!
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