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[Tracking bug] to get --enable-tests to build in the wince tree


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Windows CE
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Depends on: 483819
I am done investigating the build with --enable-debug for wince.  The 4 bugs listed above cover the issues found and with these fixed, we can successfully build.
Depends on: 487694
Blocks: 491903
verified building with fresh tree from this morning and all of the patches in dependency tree.  

1 patch didn't build and found 1 new issue
Depends on: 491972
ok, on May 21st, I did a fresh sync up of the tree and started building with --enable-tests again.

I have 4 patches applied and had to do 2 hacks to get certutil.exe and pk12util.exe built.  

I used these patches:
bug 491972 (1 patch, r+ already)
bug 487694 (both patches r+'d)
bug 483653 (the proposed patch, no review yet)

There are two other patches:
bug 491795
bug 491796

I didn't use these as it isn't clear if this is the route we are going to take or not.  What I did have to do in order to get certutil and pk12util built is manually enter a command line:
/c/mozilla/src/objdir-wm6-rel/xulrunner/dist/sdk/bin/arm-wince-gcc \\c\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\nss\\certext.obj \\c\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\nss\\certutil.obj \\c\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\nss\\keystuff.obj -Fec:/mozilla/src/objdir-wm6-rel/xulrunner/nss/certutil.exe -link  c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\sectool.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\nssutil3.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\smime3.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\ssl3.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\nss3.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\plc4.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\plds4.lib c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\nspr4.lib /NODEFAULTLIB:OLDNAMES c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\mozce_shunt.lib winsock.lib corelibc.lib coredll.lib  /ENTRY:wmain

In this command line, I had to manually add:
/NODEFAULTLIB:OLDNAMES c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\mozce_shunt.lib winsock.lib corelibc.lib coredll.lib  /ENTRY:wmain

and modify the /Fe from "-Fe/c/mozilla/src..." to "-Fec:/mozilla/src..."

I would like to get this down to a simple process where we can just build and have a set of bugs that are related to specific tools/utilities that need additional work to execute correctly.  Doing this will allow us to run other tests like xpcshell, reftest, etc... while we wait for the binaries of the other tests to be fixed.
(In reply to comment #3)

> There are two other patches:
> bug 491795
> bug 491796

These patches need to build nss programs for now. Because nss programs are built with -Fe and -link option [1] with CC [2].


> c:\\mozilla\\src\\objdir-wm6-rel\\xulrunner\\dist\\lib\\mozce_shunt.lib
> winsock.lib corelibc.lib coredll.lib  /ENTRY:wmain

You need /ENTRY:wmain instead of /ENTRY:main to run the program with command-line arguments on WinCE. Well I filed a bug for it, but I do not remember it soon.
I did a fresh sync and build using the two additional patches.  I ran into the same two binaries unable to compile and had to give the manual command lines.

the /FE patch doesn't change the bits from -Fe/c/mozilla/... to -Fec:/mozilla.
No longer depends on: 483653
Add bug 495717 into dependency list.
Depends on: 483653, 495717
No longer depends on: 483653
Depends on: 483653
Depends on: 499063
verified this builds with just 1 patch:

We are waiting for nss to get stable and merged into m-c to get that patch.
Closed: 12 years ago
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verified with fresh clone from 20090824 of 1.9.2 and mobile-browser
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