Settings to define at what time the subjective date turns over to the next date (the midnight is only by default)




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Sounds a bit crazy, but my subjective date turns over not at the midnight, but at somewhat 05:00-07:00 AM. History pane (one opened by Ctrl+H) by default groups visited sites by objective date - so, it turns over (from "today" to "yesterday" and so forth) at the well predictable midnight. The infinitesimal annoyance this RFE is devoted for comes from the fact, that at the 1st half of the subjective day I'm in the "business" mode - when *ALL* the sites I visit are there for the business-related tasks, while for the 2nd half - I'm in the "fun" mode, where *majority* of the sites are of the far more "private" taste than the former. So, when I'm trying to see and recall what I've done/where I've been today at the end of the business part of the day - I get lost in the trails of the yesterday's "fun" diversities :) And this happens every working day.

So, the feature of the great help could be as simple as to allow the Firefox user to set the turn-over time for his own subjective date, and then to do the per-subjective-date grouping taking that offset into account.

For sure one can put a great thought into this problem and design a affairs-profiling subsystem as well :))

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. work (in the net)
2. have fun late at night (in the net)
3. work next day (in the net)
4. try to recall what useful have you done at the end of the next working day
sounds like an unnecessary complication for a core feature
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9 years ago
I think you are better off using 2 profiles, one for work and one for home.
This is definitely something that should be done in an extension. Or you could just change your system clock.

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