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To roll out the updated developer agreement, we need to make a few changes to the upload/submission flow as well as changes to the listing pages to reflect their licensing.

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Spec has been updated with mocks for implementation in 5.0.5.  I'll also attach the developer agreement text and hi res mocks.
Assignee: neilio → nobody
Summary: Design updated developer agreement flow → Implement updated developer agreement flow
Target Milestone: 5.0.4 → 5.0.5

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Posted image mock for new add-ons
If the user wants their add-on copyrighted, they will select "Other" and put nothing or "Copyright Justin Scott" I suppose?

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Justin- correct.  They could just say "All rights reserved" in the other box.

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here's the rationale for the new agreement, if people are curious:

•    To ensure that users have the opportunity to access and understand their
rights to your add-ons.  Access to relevant license agreements was hit or miss
in years past, some developers provided a license agreement and others did not.
 Under our new agreement and registration process, developers will need to
identify and provide a copy of the license agreement that governs use of their
add-on.  We believe this process will provide greater transparency for users
and will help protect developers from unwanted/unauthorized use of their
•    To ensure that Mozilla has the rights it needs to provide the add-on
service.  As we continue to promote the service, it’s become clear that the
rights that Mozilla will need are not always identical to the rights that
developers give to individual users (such as the right to distribute an
add-on).   As such, we’ve introduced a license specifically for Mozilla that
will enable us to continue providing and enhancing the add-on delivery service
and that also provides developers with a better idea of how we use their
content and the limitations/boundaries of such use.
•    To ensure that our rights and activities relating to management of the
add-on service are more clearly articulated.  While this point was addressed
briefly in our prior developer agreement (for example, it referred to our right
to re-categorize or change an add-on’s listing), we wanted to make sure that we
have the flexibility needed to address concerns/issues that arise in the future
and to also provide our developers with a more detailed description of how we
currently manage the service. 
•    To more specifically address the AMO API.  We’re delighted that the AMO
API has become a popular feature of the add-on service.  However, along with
this popularity, we’ve experienced some individuals using the feature for
purposes for which it was not designed or intended.  So, we’ve included


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"Please select the appropriate license for your add-on.  This license specifies the rights you grant on your source code."

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Here's 1437 lines of love.  But take heart!  600 of those lines are prose or license headers.

The missing pieces are:
server side validation of licenses
links to the page showing a license
link to the license faq

Getting this out now so it's not *quite* as last-minute.
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Building on the previous patch, implementing the license link parts.
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Attachment #374648 - Flags: review?(clouserw)
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Implementing even more of the dev agreement

r+ after a couple things we talked about:

- Broken html entities
- missing license.thtml
- add ___() around license names

Things I'd like to see added:
- a "what's this?" link on the version edit page next to the dev agreements
- we'll need to delete all the existing translations of developer_agreement.thtml
- any tests?

And not blocking but something for future reference and consider changing later:
- queries in loops are very bad and has killed us before
- Need to check the return value of save().  You can use transactions.
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Implementing even more of the dev agreement

>+global $licenses;
>+$licenses = array(
>+    'Mozilla Public License, version 1.1' =>
>+      '',

The Mozilla Trilicense (MPL/GPL/LGPL) should be added to the list - ie. the same license that source code of Firefox is licensed on. I guess MPL only extension couldn't be integrated with Firefox?
Also, how about adding "GPL2 or later" and "GPL3 or later"?

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r24932, with extra problems moved to bug 490387.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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Posted file db changes for this patch (obsolete) —

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Looks like we need an Apache restart to pick up the gettext() changes for <input type="button" value="devcp_uploader_button_agree"?
This is fixed in r25126.  I also added the missing but important "Learn more about open source licenses" link that was in the mockup.

Looking at the page I find the agreement confusing (and I imagine developers will also).  We're asking developers to agree to our new developer agreement in addition to choosing the license of their add-on, two unrelated choices.
Dependent (regression) bugs are fixed, and overall the feature works -- maybe we should revisit Wil's comments in comment 22 at a later date.

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