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extend nsICrashReporter to allow crashreporter to be used without going through XRE_Main


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It would be nice to be able to get stack traces from xpcshell tests when they crash (bug 483062). xpcshell can't currently use the crashreporter code because the only way to initialize it is either to startup through XRE_Main, or to call it from C++. I've added a few things to nsICrashReporter to make it usable from xpcshell.
Needs a pass through the try server, but works fine on my mac. This extends nsICrashReporter, adding the following properties:

It also adds an xpcshell test (yay!) I'll probably build on this and add a test that actually forces a crash and checks the dump later.
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extend nsICrashReporter

Passes the try server.
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extend nsICrashReporter

Do you want to sanity-check the URL at all, to force it to be HTTP for example?
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Yeah, I'll fix that. I also realized that this test might fail on --disable-libxul builds that have crash reporting enabled, since they won't be able to get the crashreporter service, so I'll tweak the test to accomodate.
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I'd like to take this on 1.9.1 to enable bug 483062, but I guess I'll have to move the interface changes to a new branch-only interface. Should be feasible, although we should sort out bug 488596 first.
Depends on: 488596
Flags: in-testsuite+
Whiteboard: [Would want this on 1.9.1: see comment 6]
Depends on: 495730
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