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remove plugin tester and spy tools


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The plugin tester and spy tools in our tree are outdated, unmaintained, and not working as far as I know. We have no plans to revive them and if we wanted such tools we would almost certainly rebuild them from scratch using modern APIs. We should probably remove them from the tree.
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includes makefile fixes
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fix v1.1

Yeah, let's get rid of these...
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Josh, are you going to remove these files on the 1.9.1 branch as well?
I wasn't planning on it, why?
We are still building in 1.9.1 this code on OS/2 when we enable tests. On trunk after the removal I switched over to use the new test plugin (at least the same skeleton file as gtk2)(bug485073). I think it would be better for OS/2 to switch on 1.9.1 branch as well to build the new test plugin. This switch would include the changes you did in the top Makefile with regard to OS/2.
Thus, I wanted to know, whether its better to wait a bit until the patch here goes to 1.9.1. But as you said it's not planned for 1.9.1, I'll append the Makefile changes to bug485073. Thanks
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