[junk] Junk folder deleted by virus scanner - how to get it back



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Virus scanner has detected a virus in my tb junk folder and removed the file, leaving junk.msf behind.
I've sofar failed to get a new, blank junk folder back into my local folders (using POP3 only).

How can I get a new junk folder?

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This is a support request - sorry for the dealy to answering this. The solution to your problem is most probably described at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Junk_Mail_Controls please.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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10 years ago
Mhm. Not really sure- and I couldn't find an answer on that page.

I'm not talking about the problem of recovering data but simply of getting junk control functionality working again.

1) my junk file/folder has been deleted by virus scanner and is not recoverable
2) restarting tb does not restore that folder, i.e. does not create a new one

So- how can I convince tb to create a new, blank junk folder to make the junk controls functional again? The workaround I've used this time is to create a new profile and copy the junk folder files from that one into my main profile.
Create a new folder call it Junk
then point to that folder as being the junk folder in junk settings
restart Tb and voila
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