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Test plugin needs to support windowed mode on GTK2/X


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To test the compositor changes to hoist plugin widgets to the top-level window, we need the test plugin to support windowed mode (currently it's windowless only). This bug is about doing that for GTK2.

Here's my proposed API:

+== Windowed/windowless mode ==
+The test plugin is windowless by default.
+The test plugin supports the following parameter:
+* wmode="window"
+The plugin will be given a native widget on platforms that support this
+(Windows and X).
+The test plugin object supports the following scriptable method:
+* hasWidget()
+Returns true if the plugin has an associated widget. This will return true if
+wmode="window" was specified and the platform supports windowed plugins.

The hasWidget() method will be useful for tests that depend on the plugin being windowed (or not) --- they won't have to hardcode assumptions about which platforms support windowed or windowless.
I plan to do this for GTK2 first and file a separate bug for similar support on Windows.
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As described. I couldn't resist cleaning up the test plugin code a little bit. In particular pluginDraw didn't need to be exposed to nptest.cpp. A bunch of functions could be static. I replaced the if/else stack in scriptableInvoke with a loop over an array. I've also had to add a pluginInstanceShutdown hook. I had to refactor the GTK2 drawing code to accomodate drawing into a plugin window.
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The patch is on top of the patch in bug 469831.
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Karl should review the GTK/GDK stuff.
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I noticed (in the context of your patch) that the Makefile looks a little goofy:

_TEST_FILES gets redefined. Can you just kill that first line the next time you touch this file?
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