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In particular, the structure of the page might need to change to allow indicating _which_ version of a property is supported.  For example, "background" in CSS3 is quite different from "background" in CSS2.
I rewrote the chart on the basis of the current CSS3 specs (without aural CSS). Maybe somebody could review it in order to assure accurate information (I don't know how much attention is attracted to this article anyway).
David, do you want to take a look?
It's not clear to me what the "Specification" line is supposed to mean; many properties that existed in CSS1 and CSS 2.1 are listed as CSS3 (...), even in some cases where the relevant css3-* spec isn't stable.

I'm not sure it's worth listing properties from the more futuristic css3-* modules like GCPM or maybe Line.

That said, I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this document is; it seems like it largely duplicates what's in
The idea is that our CSS Reference is supposed to (although in actuality does not currently) show you all CSS stuff, even things we don't support. This CSS support chart is supposed to show you just what Gecko supports and in which versions things became supported, so developers can target a minimum Gecko version easily.
Thanks for your feedback.
Rightfully linking to unstable specs does not make sense. I think the "Specification" column should indicate which CSS version is supported. I'm going to change those links to CSS 2.1 spec to go with Boris idea in comment 1.

Initially I thought this chart is supposed to show whether a CSS 2.1 or css3 property is supported and even if Gecko does not support some futuristic css3 modules you clearly get an answer "No, this one is not supported in any version".

> (..)This CSS support chart is supposed to show you just what Gecko supports  > and in which versions things became supported (..)

That said, your idea is different from what I thought at the beginning. 
It isn't a problem for me, to go ahead with your idea. This would mean that I remove all unsupported properties.

Other opinions? Otherwise I can finish this update by removing unsupported properties and changing some spec links to CSS 2.1 :)
I've just changed a lot of links to the CSS 2.1 specification and also removed several unstable properties.


(Sorry, I completely forgot to fix this page. Let me know if there is something more do to here. But as it's a wiki, everybody is welcome to fix it anyway.)
This page gets updated regularly. I think we're done here.
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