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[ta] The "Getting Started" page for Tamil


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(Keywords: productization, Whiteboard: [translated, not localized])

A new Firefox profile includes a link to the "Getting started" page on the Bookmarks toolbar. The objective of this page is to provide the users with a few task-based starting points. They could use them to enjoy the web and discover sites that will help them get the most out of Firefox, and the Internet in general. This page will be aimed towards beginning and intermediate Web users. We want to promote community/user oriented collaborative sites with good user experience in your region and language, and good standards support.

The current en-US defaults for this page are:
 The 'Work' category: Google Docs, Remember the Milk, LinkedIn, Clipmarks Add-on
 The 'Learn' category: Wikipedia, Topix,, Answers Add-on
 The 'Play' category: YouTube, Hype Machine, Miro, PicLens Add-on
 The 'Connect' category: Criagslist, Yelp, Facebook, Shareaholic Add-on 

(See the en-US page at

We would like to provide a good set of links on this page for our Tamil users.

First, the localization team and Stas (Stas Malolepszy) will look at the market for your language and come up with a good candidates. Felix, we'll need your input on this, of course. The guidelines for making recommendations are on

Second, once we have a good list of candidates, your localization team will localize the 'Getting Started' index.html file which can be found here: changing the en-US default as agreed in the first step.

The logos should be named sites-<sitename>.png and should be 110px wide and 65px high on white or transparent background. Stas can help on getting the logos from the website owners.

The localized index.html and the logos should be then attached in a ZIP archive to this bug, and a review should be requested from Stas ( and Pascal ( Once the review have been granted, Pascal will take over to push the localized page on the server.

Thank you.
Keywords: productization
There was a a paragraph change on this page since this bug was filed, the updated reference file for your localization is:

Have you been able to research any of the pieces of the "Getting Started" page for the Tamil (India) version of Firefox?  Please see Staś's comments above.

We should consider the following:

1) The 'Work' category: In en-US, we provide links to Google Docs, Remember the Milk, LinkedIn, and the Clipmarks Add-on
2)  The 'Learn' category: In en-US, we provide links to Wikipedia, Topix,, and Answers Add-on
3)  The 'Play' category: In en-US, we provide links to YouTube, Hype Machine, Miro, and PicLens Add-on
4)  The 'Connect' category: In en-US, we provide links to Craigslist, Yelp, Facebook, and the Shareaholic Add-on

Please let us know because we are quickly approaching the release of Firefox 3.5 and completing this page will help you move Tamil (India) out of its beta  and into official status.

Thank you!
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Have you been able to research any of the pieces of the "Getting Started" page
for the Tamil (India) version of Firefox?  Please see Staś's and my comments above.

Felix ping
Hi seth,

For learn category: we can add
For connect category: we can add (if possible)

One doubt: How LinkedIn 'll come under work category? it should be in connect category right?

And rest of the things we can follow other indic languages approach.

Sorry for the late reply.

Mugunth, if you have any suggestion please reply here.
>One doubt: How LinkedIn 'll come under work category? it should be in connect category right?

Linkedin is both a social network and a professional site, so both categories are ok.
(In reply to comment #5)
> For connect category: we can add (if possible)

Can you use orkut now without getting an invite from a friend? If yes, I think that's a good suggestion.
Yes without any invitation we can create the orkut account ourself.
Great, thanks for the clarification. Felix, would you like to create the index.html page basing on the English page linked in Pascal's comment 1? Please let me know if I can help with the HTML or the logo images of the websites. Thanks!
Yes please do it.
Felix: can you please clarify? How can I help specifically? I'm happy to help with HTML, but I'll need the Tamil text, so I'm hoping you can provide that :)

You can take the following file: and translate it into Tamil, changing links and descriptions as agreed. Or, you could comment in this bug or attach a text file with the text in Tamil that you'd like to have on this page and I'll put it into the HTML.

Also, as per our e-mail conversation, it might be a good idea to link to the Tamil spell-check dictionary add-on available at A good place for this link would be the Work or Learn category. Let me know what you think.
In addition to that will it be useful to link other popular tamil addons like the below ?

(this list can be added with other addons also)
Should we then simply link to the "Tamil" add-on collection ( ?

yes. instead of adding separate link for each of the addons, lets add the entire collection to the Getting Started Page. 

where can i preview the tamil version of Getting Started page?
here is the page:

You need an LDAP account to see it (Felix has one and can probably make screenshots)
Pascal is it possible that if i give the getting started html file to balachandar so that he can add the changes he want? If it can be done then i 'll send him the getting started file to him.
Felix, sure, no problem.
This file is commited. Committed revision 28287
The collection doesn't look good in the footer, I think it would be better as a replacement to one of the addons on the side
Yeah, Pascal's right. I'd suggest we put the collection link in the "work" category, instead of the Clipmarks add-on.

BTW. what are all those other links in the footer? விக்சனரி தானியங்குத்திட்டம்  | தமிழ் இணைய பல்கலைகழகம் | மதுரை தமிழ் இலக்கிய மின்பதிப்புத் திட்டம் | நூலகத் திட்டம்

I don't see any mention of them in this bug before.  Should these be regular links replacing Google Docs, Remember the Milk etc?
Hi Stas,

It would be good if we give under appropriate collections because each of these projects have done a significant collaborative work for Tamil.

Here are the details about the new links added in the footer
விக்சனரி தானியங்குத்திட்டம் - Tamil Wiktionary Collaborative Project
தமிழ் இணைய பல்கலைகழகம் - Tamil Virtual University by Government of TamilNadu
மதுரை தமிழ் இலக்கிய மின்பதிப்புத் திட்டம் - Project Madurai is an open and voluntary initiative to collect and publish free electronic editions of ancient tamil literary classics.
நூலகத் திட்டம் - Project Noolaham is aimed at digitizing Sri Lankan Tamil documents, making them available to the next generation, and publishing them on the Internet so as to make them readily accessible for general reading & reference usage. It is like Project Gutenberg

we could remove Google docs or remember the milks.
Hi Balachandar and Felix,

The links from comment 22 are really great suggestions and I would love to see them on the Getting Started page for Tamil. I believe, however, that it'll be a good thing to give us some more time to figure out in which categories to put those links and which current links to replace.

Since the 3.5 release is just around the corner, I'd like to suggest to leave the default (en-US) set of links for now (they're all translated, so all content will be available in Tamil), and work on the suggestions from comment 22 in this bug. My hope is that we will be able to close this really soon.

I edited the page in r28986 and removed the additional links from it, mostly to bring back the original layout of the page. This doesn't mean the choice of the links was wrong, on the contrary, I think it was very good. It's just that we're so close to the release that we prefer to make sure that the layout is not broken at this moment.

Coming back to the links from comment 22: most of the links seem to fit in the "Learn" category, but we only have enough space to put 2 (max. 3, keeping the descriptions short) links in there (and keeping the link to Wikipedia). Balachandar, Felix, should we try to put some of those links in the "Work" or "Connect" category?
Whiteboard: [translated, not localized]
Balachandar, Felix, ping? :)
Felix, can you contact me and Stas about the bug ? Thanks

i agree. we can add those links to the work or connect category.
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