After changing helper app twice, file won't open automatically and prefs lists wrong app as default




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See "steps to rep"

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
I associated sgf files with cgoban, then changed it to qgo, then changed again to glGo, always saying open automatically. Now it always asks whether to save or open with glGo. The Prefs/Apps entry says qgo(default), glGo. I can't edit that "default" bit. Note that the behaviour is to offer glGo, even though qgo is listed as default and cgoban has disappeared altogether. It looks like there are two places in the program where this default is stored, and they got out of sync. Perhaps there should only be one place. 
Actual Results:  
Saa above

Expected Results:  
Latest fave app should be default everywhere and open without asking whether or not to save

Linux Mint is kicking ass, and Vista is soooooooo sloooooooooooooooow.
Example URL with such a file ?
You can't choose "other" and select an application ?

Comment 2

9 years ago has such files. I don't think it depends on it being sgf though. I was choosing "other". That's how I changed the association. Its in a state where the prefs dialog shows qgo as default (wrong) but clicking on it offers glgo (correct) but although the automatic" box is checked, it always opens that dialog. I want it to just open.
The "although the automatic" box is checked" depends on the URL.

There is no file extension for http servers, a file extension doesn't matter, only the mime-type/content-type send by the server for a resource.

You can get exactly this situation if the server either sends application/octet-stream, the server sends text/plain and Gecko sniffed the mime-type or if the server sends an additional content-disposition:attachment header.

It's only a bug in such cases that the checkbox is not disabled but already known.

Comment 4

9 years ago
The Prefs/Apps dialog shows SGF, so it knows that from somewhere,
whether mime type or extension. And it offers qgo etc when I click
one, which proves that it found its way to that record. But its
clearly a bug that the prefs dialog shows one app as default while it
offers another when I click it. I don't know what you mean by "checkbox
disabled/known". It's checked. And I interpret that to mean it isn't
supposed to ask me every time.

You can try it yourself as a guest on dragon or any other "Go" server
like IGS or KGS.
>You can try it yourself as a guest on dragon or any other "Go" server
>like IGS or KGS.

An URL please as already requested at the bug filing stage with the URL field in the bug header.

Comment 6

9 years ago
I've already told you the URL of the server. Its I'm not giving you the exact URL where this happens to me because it's my private game and I don't want you playing lousy moves and losing the game for me. But I'm sure all the SGFs on there are served up in the same flavour. Just go there as a guest and pull any sgf you like.
sorry, i missed the URL with comment #2 but i can not find a link with such a file if I login as guest

Comment 8

9 years ago
Click on "games" in the left navbar then any of the six figure numbers and download sgf below the board. I guess I should have been clearer about that.
An example URl is
If you enter this URl in you will see the headers set by the server, the important part is this one :
Content-Disposition:	attachment; filename="shigeshiba-keimatsu-476825-20090329.sgf"

The attachment header means that this file should not be automatically handled by the client and that would be true if we would start a helper application.

You hit 236541 and bug Bug 453455.
The the saved decision is not used is invalid because it's by design, the helper application itself should be remembered in the latest builds. 
BTW: You seem to use a very old Firefox 3.0.3 which contains many security issues.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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