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9 years ago
A number of posts in the forums complain that personas don't appear or only partially show up.  Often this is because users are using non-default OS or Firefox themes.  We should info about this to the FAQ.  Here's what I wrote in response to a recent poster for whom Personas weren't showing up in Windows XP:

Personas is designed to work with the default OS theme and the default Firefox theme, and problems like this are often the result of using a different theme for either the OS or Firefox, so it's worth verifying that both of those themes are set to their default values.

To verify which OS theme you're using, right-click on the desktop and select Properties from the context menu. The Display Properties dialog should appear. In the dialog, under the Themes tab, look at the Theme drop-down menu. It should be set to the "Windows XP" theme.

To verify which Firefox theme you're using, select Add-ons from the Tools menu in Firefox. The Add-ons dialog should appear. In the dialog, under the Themes tab, select the Default theme. Its "Use Theme" button should be disabled.

Note: the information about the OS theme varies by operating system, so this needs to be expanded to describe checking the theme in Windows Vista and Linux as well (but not Mac OS X, which doesn't provide OS themes).

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9 years ago
Rolo, can you use Myk's copy to create a polished FAQ section that addresses this complaint?
Assignee: cbeard → drolnitzky
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8 years ago
Some themes, like my Nautipolis and LittleFox do actually support the use of Personas.
There should be a way to allow the combination of a Personas 'theme' with a normal 'Theme'. 
When Personas was just an extension this was possible (and still is via the extension), but now that FF3.6 has 'lwtheme' build in, it outcasts existing themes.
This outcasting behaviour is not Mozilla like, and one should allow theme extensions. 
Note, I have been theming Mozilla for 10 years now, ofwhich5 years for FF, and now this is stopped because of this.
I have invested time to support Personas in my themes (with great effect), but now Personas is refusing to support me....


8 years ago
Assignee: drolnitzky → rdoherty
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Obsoleted by bug 652523. Will make sure rewritten FAQ includes information about themes & Personas.
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