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New variable: MOZ_FS_LAYOUT should be used instead of OS or Toolkit to determine file system layout


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Darwin/gtk uses the traditional UNIX layout, but there are places in the build that assume Darwin = bundle.  The cleanest solution is to create a single new variable to describe this that has options for:

traditional : The traditional unix layout (placing the startup script in bin, libs, etc in mozilla_five_home, etc)
bundle : Create a NextStep / Darwin / OSX style bundle (ie:
winnt : windows stuff (I have no real understanding of how that works, but I assume we'd replace most of the OS=WINNT with this check)

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Blocks: 485863
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What should the values of this variable be for OS2 and BeOS?
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We would probably *not* replace OS=WINNT with this, since most of the windows checks are for which files to build (OS integration, etc) and not packaging details. I think for now we only need two values, "unix" and "bundle".
Here's a patch to consider.  The one thing I'm not too sure about is the transition of -DNO_X11 from HOST_CFLAGS to TK_CFLAGS.

I was having some trouble figuring out what HOST and TARGET were for since they seem to be breaking convention that I'm used to (BUILD = host you're building on, HOST = host the code will run on, TARGET = host built apps will generate code for).  Therefore, I don't understand why there is anything to do with TARGET in, and it looks like TARGET is what HOST should be (the platform mozilla will run on) and HOST is what BUILD should be?
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possible patch to add MOZILLA_FS_LAYOUT to

Yeah, our configure uses host|target for build|host due to longstanding (1998) tradition.
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The patch has been bitrotted by several intervening changes (removing the old mac-cairo codepaths, as well as removing all references to FlatCarbon). Also I've reverted the changes for -DNO_X11, because that is specific to HOST_CFLAGS: it's used in config/mkdepend/def.h and I think we can happily state that you don't need X11 to build mkdepend on Darwin, no matter whether you end up targeting darwin-cocoa or x11/gtk.
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Updated to trunk, reverted NO_X11 changes, rev. 1
[Checkin: Comment 10]

Thanks, that looks good.  Is this and the related changes only going to be targeted at trunk?  I'd like to get it into 1.9.1 as well, so I can reduce our patchset size.
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Although in retrospect, we might want to name it MOZ_FS_LAYOUT instead of MOZILLA_FS_LAYOUT for better naming consistency with the other variables...
Attached patch updated 1.9.1 patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is an updated patch against 1.9.1 which addresses changes your made in your trunk patch and changes the name to MOZ_FS_LAYOUT to match the naming style of similar variables
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Summary: New variable: MOZILLA_FS_LAYOUT should be used instead of OS or Toolkit to determine file system layout → New variable: MOZ_FS_LAYOUT should be used instead of OS or Toolkit to determine file system layout
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updated 1.9.1 patch

You should either request review+approval or obsolete this patch.
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Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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