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merge folding should only fold merges of >5 changesets


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In bug 445560 comment 1, I said that we should only be hiding merges if they have >5 changesets, so that for the (fairly common) case of "push one changeset+a merge instead of rebasing" we don't hide the useful changeset. Apparently we missed that in the implementation though.
I'll take up this bug
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Please go to the following link for more details:
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Ted, looking at your review queue, these patches go back a while.  Do you have review comments that haven't been addressed in order for you to r+?  If not, are you planning to review?  And, if you don't think we should take these, can you r-?  

If there are comments that have yet to be addressed, does it make sense to clear these requests and ask for another request after the comments have been addressed?
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Patch for hgpoller to only fold merges of >5 changesets

Clearing old review requests. We can revisit these at a later date.
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I'm going to say nobody cares about this (assuming it is still a problem - a lot of this code has changed over the years and this may no longer be an issue).
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