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Productization change for Firefox 3.5


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In the upcoming release of Firefox 3.5 we want to make those changes to search engine list:

* replace with for price search (they have practically the same visitor audience, but latter provides more features)

* update logo for Yandex.
Stas, ping?
A bit more elaborate description of why is better than from user's perspective 

* it allows more precise product filtering, with ability to add and remove filters, e.g. on videocard search,
- allows filtering only by Ati/Nvidia and price range, while allows setting filters on Manufacturer, Chipset, Memory, DVI/HDMI capability, DirectX 10 capability, memory type, cooling type and bus width.

That level of informativeness and categorization is present in all product categories, helping user to find what they want more quickly.

In terms of visitor popularity they are both popular, going for about 30k visitors a day each.

But because is overall more informative, uk l10n team wants it as a default search engine in Firefox 3.5
These ideas seem OK to me.  We will need to contact Hotline to verify that they are OK with Mozilla including them in your localized version of Firefox.  

Tim, if you follow this link:  can you tell us who you think is best to contact given the titles that are listed in Ukranian?  Any or all of the individuals with a business development or marketing title would be best.  Staś will do the outreach to these individuals when he has time.  Probably on Thursday, May 21.
I have already contacted them and asked for their permission. The person responsible for the ITC Publishing websites is Vladimir Wozniak, I will ask him to comment here too.
Hey Tim. Did you get any reply from Vladimir? Should I send him an e-mail?
Yes, I may havent stated that clearly, but the permission is received 2 months ago.

from	Tim Babych <>
date	Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 2:07 AM
subject	hotline как умолчательный поиск цен в Firefox
Добрый день.

Я представляю украинскую команду локализаторов Mozilla.

Как вы наверное знаете, популярный браузер Mozilla Firefox (24% украинских пользователей) позволяет искать что-то в интернете прямо из панели, нужно лишь выбрать поисковую систему из списка и ввести слово поиска.

Поисковые системы можно редактировать и добавлять самостоятельно, но большинство пользователей ограничиваются умолчательными. Теми, что поставляются при установке браузера. Их несколько, на каждый тип поиска по одной: общая (гугл, яндекс), образовательная (википедия), словарь и поиск цен.

Мы бы хотели поставить в украинской сборке Firefox умолчательной системой поиска цен, ввиду её популярности и удобства.

from	Vladimir Wozniak <>
date	Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:12 AM
subject	Поиск в Frefox на
Тимофей, здравствуйте!

Получил Ваше предложение, спасибо.

Все ясно, у меня вопросов нет. Давайте действовать так, как Вы пишете.
Проинформируйте меня, пожалуйста, когда в сборке FF появится наш поиск, и мы в тот же день поставим кнопку у себя на сайтах.
from Tim Babych <>
date Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 2:07 AM
subject hotline as the default search in prices in Firefox

Good day.

I have represent Ukrainian Mozilla l10n team.

[Stuff about what firefox and search addons are]

We would like to place Holine search engine as default one in the Ukrainian build of Mozilla Firefox. because of its popularity and convenience.

from Vladimir Wozniak <>
to tim.babych @
date Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:12 AM
Search Frefox subject to

Timothy, Hello!

I received your offer, thanks.

All clear, I have no issues. Let us work as you write.
Inform me, please, when the assembly of FF appears our search.
That same day, we will put a button on our site.
Tim, thanks for pasting the e-mails here. Can you create a patch making changes outlined in comment 0 and attach it to this bug for review, please?
Sure, Stas.
Attachment #380726 - Flags: review+
Comment on attachment 380726 [details] [diff] [review]
Yandex logo and Hotline price search

r=me. Please land this patch on branch (1.9.1) and trunk (l10n-central) using a descriptive check-in comment, mentioning the bug number and my review (e.g. "Bug 487461: Changes to search engines: remove, add, change Yandex's icon, r=stas").

Please use fixed1.9.1 and verified1.9.1 keywords in this bug to track landing and verification on the 1.9.1 branch.

Tim, would you mind contacting Hotline and asking them to use the same <ShortName/> that you used in the plugin if they decide to offer their search plugin on the website in the future?

(You used the following text:
<ShortName> Пошук товарів</ShortName>)

If they want a different one, no problem, let's file a bug and change in the plugin in Firefox too. 

Checked in, tested - it works.

But yes, actually the current ShortName sticks out too much - other plugins are using just one word. To make it look ok and consistent I would like to change it to just "". Patch is attached.
Attachment #381318 - Flags: review+
Comment on attachment 381318 [details] [diff] [review]
really short name for hotline

Makes sense. r=me, please land it the same way as the patch before.
Attached patch tagline changesSplinter Review
Hi, Stas. Got feedback from Vladimir, he asks to add a word "prices" to the shortName and change Description from "goods search" to "price comparison"

The patch is attached.
Comment on attachment 381504 [details] [diff] [review]
tagline changes

r=me. Again, please let Axel know about the new opt-in changeset.

Also, can you ask Vladimir to use " ціни" as the value for the title attribute if they decide to offer a search plug-in on their website? Thanks.
Attachment #381504 - Flags: review+
Sure. Thank you, Staś!
Now adding it for real :)
Keywords: fixed1.9.1
With Axel's merge of 1.9.1 it is now in l10n-central. Closing.
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