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file extensions are not mentioned

Steps to reproduce:
1.Log in to your AMO developer account.
2.Go to
3.Try to submit an add-on with an incorrect file type(like .jpg or .exe)
4.Notice the error message is.

Observed behavior:
Error message says-"That file extension (.exe) is not allowed for the selected add-on type. Please use one of the following: "
But none of the file extensions are mentioned.
We can't tell you what the valid extensions are until you give us a valid add-on type (the first error).

-> Invalid?
I don't think this is invalid; it's confusing to the user to have an empty list of valid file types in the 2nd error message.

Note they're not on, either (although if you're uploading an extension, you probably should already know what the right file type is for your extension, but repeating it shouldn't hurt).

We probably just shouldn't show the 2nd message at all if the add-on type is "auto-detect" and the file type uploaded isn't supported at all?
I think this is valid. The screenshot is to the old developer tools to submit the addon. Under the new developer tools, it says :

"That file extension (.js) is not allowed for the selected add-on type. Please use one of the following: .xpi

Please correct this problem and upload your file again."

Though, I think we should say ".xpi, .xml" for search engines.
Sorry, but this is a WONTFIX per bug 482407.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Foiled again by the old dev CP, which is saying its farewells; verified wontfix.

We could file a new bug (RFE) for adding ".xml" to the message for the "new"/current dev CP.


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